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Pressure Washing Testimonials

It went GREAT. Arrived at the agreed upon time, worked hard all day and left no mess. Wife is a master gardener and our yard is beautifully garnished with hundreds of flowers of many varieties. They did all their work without damage to any of the flowers or vegetables and berries growing in the garden.

Roger Hull

He was really professional and helpful. I purchased the deal prior to measuring the driveway. He provided a quote via e-mail and let us know what the additional charges would be. He was extremely responsive and polite. He is someone that we would call back in the future.

Jean McElmore

They did a great job on the deck with no help or supervision, then for the front walk worked with us to do exactly the job we wanted while we helped to shield the plants bordering (and dripping over) the walk

Paul Pierce

Grand Opening Graffiti Removal

Troolie's children's store in North Portland called us right before the store's grand opening with a frantic message that their windows had been severely scratched by vandals. We arrived at the store the next morning and set to work removing the scratches and successfully removed the graffiti tags in time for the opening.

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